Study Korean with Kpop - 소녀시대-태티서 (Girls` Generation-TTS- Holler) 맡기다 <Lyrics Translation Included>

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소녀시대-태티서 (Girls` Generation-TTS- Holler)

This song is currently the on top 20 of the Melon Chart which is the most reliable music service company in Korea.

TTS = Taeyeon, Tifany, Seohyun

3 members (TTS) of Girs' generation released their second mini album recently and I'm sure many of you already know who they are.

The album is called `Holler`.

About 2 years and 4 months after they released their first mini album "Twinkle" they finally have come back with 6 songs in the album.

And the album has the message of living free, looking back on one's lost dreams, going for one's dreams..and etc.

 You can also see the 6th and 14th (Sistar - I swear and Touch my body)

Click if you want to see about those two songs.

Sistar - I swear <- Click

Sistar - Touch My Body <- Click

Today's Quick Expression :


This can be translated as 

"leave or put or deposit" in English.

You can use it for 
1. when you want to leave something to a person and get it back later
2. when you want to rely on someone.

  • in the first situation, you can say

돈을 너에게 맡기다 (돈 : money / 너 : you)
짐을 당신에게 맡기다 (짐 : baggage, luggage, etc / 당신 : you)
아이를 엄마에게 맡기다 (아이 : a child / 엄마 : mom)

  • in the second situation, you can say
나를 너에게 맡기다 (나 : I, 너 : You)

I guess some of you already relized that "을, 를" is followed by a subject and "에게" is followed by an object.

In the lyrics it says

새로워진 내 가슴에 너를 맡겨
Rely on my brand new heart

새로운 : brand new
새로워진 : become brand new

내 : my
가슴 : heart, breast, chest
에 : is followed by an object (my heart : 내 가슴)

너 : you
를 : is followed by a subject.(you : 너)

맡기다 : leave, put, deposit. 
and when it comes to this situation, it's more like "rely on, or count on".

맡겨 : is another form of 맡기다. You can use it when you order or command.


Let's listen to the song and repeat

I think listening repeatedly is one of the best ways to effectively study.

Girls' Generation-TTS 소녀시대-태티서_Holler_Music Video

I marked today's expressions with orange


Ladies and Gentlemen

Can you hear me

I hope you are ready for a fast ride

cause that's what we're going for tonight

So sit back and buckle up

cause you'll be racing with the stars tonight

Listen Wow

화창한 Sunny Day

Bright Sunny Day

평범한 건 재미 없지

Normal things are not fun

특별한 비밀을 찾아

finding some special secrets

떠나볼까 어디로

where should I leave for?

어릴 적 들어 본 듯한

somewhere I heard of when I was young

신비로운 미지의 세계로

to the mysterious unknown world

Right Now 시간이 없어

Right Now I got no time

내 손짓 따라 Follow Me 

follow my gesture Follow me

Holler Holler Holler

나와 눈을 맞춰 

Look me in the eyes

Holler Holler Holler

잠든 네 맘을 깨워 

wake up your asleep mind

Holler Holler Holler

시작해 보는 거야 

Let's start

Holler Holler

새로워진 내 가슴에 너를 맡겨

Rely on my brand new heart

Holler at Me

똑같은 레파토리에

same repertoire

또 뻔한 엔딩 스토리야

obvious ending story again

빛나는 포커페이스 속 Hey 왜 너를 감추지

Hey why are you hiding inside of shining poker face

Knock Knock

네 마음 속 문을 활짝 열어 봐봐 

Open your door that's inside of your mind

너만 알려줄게 이건

I'll let only you this

특급 비밀이니까

Cause it's a top secret

Holler Holler Holler

나와 눈을 맞춰

Look me in the eyes

Holler Holler Holler

잠든 네 맘을 깨워

Wake up your sleepy heart

Holler Holler Holler

시작해 보는 거야

Let's begin

Holler Holler

새로워진 내 가슴에 너를 맡겨

Rely on my brand new heart

Holler at Me Yeah

내 가슴에 너를 던져

Throw yourself to my heart

Holler at Me

매일 같은 패턴 속에 갇혀 버린 너를 봐

look at you locked in the same pattern everyday

상상만으로 웃음 짓던 너의 어린 꿈들

Your childhood dreams that you could smile at just by imagining

전부 소원하면 모두 이룰 수 있어 Oh Yeah Yeah

If you wish you can make it all come true, Oh Yeah Yeah

So won't you holler at me

I know you like what you see 

터져 버릴 것만 같지 않니

Don't you feel it's going to burst

네 가슴이

I mean your heart

You want me want me

holler at me babe babe

Oh 날 봐 Oh Ready Set Go Go

Oh, look at me, Oh ready set go go

널 향한 시선은 Let it go

the eyes that stare at you, Let it go

이젠 널 더 감추지는 마

Don't be hiding yourself no more

Holler Holler Holler

나와 눈을 맞춰봐 Yeah

Look me in the eyes Yeah

Holler Holler Holler

시작해 봐 Right Now

Let it begin, Right Now

Holler Holler Holler

Holler Holler

Holler Holler

새로워진 내 가슴에 너를 맡겨

Rely on my brand new heart

Holler at Me Yeah

Holler Holler Holler

날 따라 소리쳐봐 

scream like I do

Holler Holler Holler

더 크게 소리쳐봐 

Scream louder

Holler Holler Holler

그게 바로 너야 

That's you

Holler Holler

새로워진 네 가슴이 터지도록

so your brand new heart can burst

Holler at Me

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